Art about Art

Last year I had a chance to visit an art exhibition in Chimera Gallery by the Slovak artist Stano Masar. The topic was Art about Art!

At first it didn’t look like much and I felt a bit like “WTF is this…”. My friend Patrick Urwyler who happens to be the owner of the gallery, and a super knowledgeable individual about art history, explained to me the simple idea behind it. Basically, Stano’s work reflects on a the fact that every object, once placed in an art gallery or museum space, immediately becomes a piece of art.


That’s why when he puts a wooden stand in the center of the gallery, breaks a piece from the stand, and places that same piece on the stand, it becomes a piece of art! I immediately started to shift my opinion about Stano’s work from being “hey WTF” to “hey this is kinda funny” and true, and by now I’m a fan.

His work actually refers to the super famous French artist Marcel Duchamp and the whole “Readymades” concept which is a direct approach to understanding the adoration of art.

It brings up a good point that relates to marketing & communication. Content is king, and more so the context in which it is communicated.


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